Monday, December 27, 2010

Beth Moore & Living Proof Ministries

In order to heal, it's really necessary to read the Scriptures and apply them to your life on a daily basis. I can think of no better person to help you do that than Beth Moore (in the picture here which I snagged from her blog).

Beth is one of the best Bible study teachers of our time. She loves the Word and even more importantly she genuinely loves people. These qualities and more pour out from the pages of her books, so if you want to read them to see what I'm talking about, you can find her material at Living Proof Ministries.

And if you are up for a Scripture memorization challenge, she just posted the details of one coming up that's going to last throughout the entire year. I hope you check it out. It's on the blog, and by the way, it's an awesome blog. She takes the time to write heartwarming things. Each entry is like getting a letter from your mama. That's healing, too.

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