Friday, December 24, 2010

A Prayer for the Hurting

Heavenly Father, as I sit here alone in a brand new city this Christmas season, I cannot help but think of others who are in similar or worse situations tonight. For some, tonight or tomorrow may be their last day here because life has beaten them down too much. I am thinking of them and hurting for them, too.

Lord Jesus, this season is so hard because we know once upon a time You showed up here on earth, and since then whether we know it or not, or even like it or not, I think we still expect You to come again somehow--on Christmas Day.

Whether it's the family who is down to their last meal or the single mom down to her last penny, there's something in all of us in dire need which compels us to look to Heaven this time of year for a miracle. For relief. For redemption. For healing. For whatever our need might be. Sometimes those miracles happen, but many times they don't. And for some, Your lack of intervention is simply the last straw.

With this in mind, O Lord, I pray, Father, with all of my heart that You hear me from Heaven tonight. I pray you immediately send your healing, warrior, and messenger angels to people crying out for You all over the earth. I pray You restore hope to the lonely and defeated. I pray You heal depression, mend fractures in families, restore finances, provide jobs, fill up pantries, and most importantly, glue back together the pieces of shattered hearts in only ways that You can.

I pray for Your peace to permeate the lives of all those who call upon Your name tonight. I especially pray for those on the verge of suicide. Holy Spirit, right now I pray you fill those children up with Your loving and comforting presence. I pray for divine intervention right now for these people. A ringing phone. A knock on the door. Anything, Lord. Also restore their brain chemistry. Heal addictions. Bring prostitutes off the street. Remember the homeless. Keep them warm, safe, and fed. Heal them so they can go back home. Reveal the depth of Your love to Your lost and wounded children. They do not know it.

You are the Lord God Almighty, Jesus, and oh, how we need You to return to us. We expect you, Father. We are waiting for You. Looking for you tonight. Please come again, Lord Jesus. Come. You are Emmanuel. You are God with us.

Hold on just for one more day, dear children. Hold on.

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