Monday, January 17, 2011

Prayer for Joanne Heim's Healing

Until a few days ago, I had never heard of Joanne Heim. Perhaps you haven't either, so I'll fill you in.

She is the author of The Simple Wife as well as a few other Christian books. And last week, at the age of 38, she suffered a massive stroke.

She survived but the right side of her brain continues to swell. Doctors are doing all they can to keep her in a coma until the swelling subsides. In the meantime, her family is calling on you--all of you who pray for healing, to please get down on your knees to lift this sweet woman, her husband, and two young children up to the Lord.

Lord Jesus, there is nothing I can say in terms of trying to understand what You want to accomplish through all of this. In fact, when You say the laborers are so few, I sometimes wonder why You don't do more to protect those who do love to serve You. I say this with a trembling heart, knowing full well You are sovereign and indeed watch over Your flock with a loving and protective gaze. I also know You will stop at nothing to bring glory and honor to Your name, so please forgive me for the questions that live on in my heart, O Father. Despite my confusion, I still praise Your Holy name, Jesus.

Gracious Lord, I lift up Joanne Heim and her entire family to You now. I ask for You to allow them to see Your signs and wonders in this situation. I ask Lord for You to perform miracle after miracle, so that they may never forget the good works You have done and will continue to do. I ask that You sustain this family in practical ways--that You somehow give them rest, financial security, food, and the peace that only You can bring.

I ask, Lord, for the impossible. I ask for You to reduce the swelling in Joanne's brain and for You to restore the brain tissue in her head as it was before the stroke. I ask that there be no further threats of blood clots. Please restore all of her vital signs to normal. Allow her to maintain her speech and mobility, Father.

I further ask, Jesus, that You would prevent further attack against the head and brains of your children. This area of the human body seems to be a target of the enemy right now, but we bind him by the power and authority of Your name, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray for Toben, Joanne's husband, that you preserve him perfectly throughout the remainder of this journey, Lord. You can do it. There is nothing You cannot do. Nothing at all. Let Toben feel Your love for him. Let him see Your face and the faces of the angels, Lord, who are already there ministering to him. Loose Your love, O Lord.

I pray for Joanne's children, Lord. Bring loving women into their lives who can stand in the gap for Joanne right now in terms of lovingly meeting their physical and even emotional needs so that they may know Your love for them, Father. You care for this family. Thank you, Jesus. And in Your name, I pray all of these things. Amen.

If you would like to know more about how you can help the Heim family, please click on the badge on the top right of my blog. It says, "Praying for Joanne" and is the same picture that is featured in this post. Thank you and God bless you all.

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