Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joanne Heim Update

Last month, I posted a prayer for stroke victim Joanne Heim. At the time she was in a coma with severe swelling in the right side of her brain. The expectation of any significant recovery was extremely low, and her prognosis looked pretty grim.

But prayer changes things.

This is the note she wrote for her husband to post on her blog today. Are you ready to see a miracle? Here you go:

My Dear Darling Bloggy Peeps,

Ask anyone in the hospital (except maybe Pierre who is in charge of maintenance and such) and you'll unanimously hear I have the best room in the joint. And it's true! I am literally surrounded by love and prayers and God's word that you have sent so generously. One can instantly feel the difference--how God uses us to love each other on his behalf.


Not bad for a woman who for one thing wasn't supposed to be able to communicate in any way, shape, or form, but here's the kicker...she's not even in rehab yet!!! The other day her husband stuck an iPad in front of her, and to his shock and surprise found she could legibly write perfectly complete and (obviously) complex sentences on it! How great is our Savior and Healer, Lord Jesus!!!

But for those of you who come here to my blog to read information on the healing of autism and find other stories instead, please forgive me. I include testimonies of healing from other injuries or illnesses especially those that concern the brain since it is the brain that autism affects so profoundly. Know that if Jesus can heal the brain of a stroke or shooting victim (I'm referring to Ms. Giffords), autism is no exception. He can heal anything.

But next time I post, I would like to address the issue of faith. Some, if not many of you, don't have the faith to believe the Lord for the healing you or your child needs. Is this a problem for Jesus? Should you feel guilty? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO. So relax. Let yourself off the hook. We'll talk about it later.


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