Saturday, March 31, 2012

Healing & Humility

I am thrilled to see people rediscovering the Lord's ability and desire to heal His children of any affliction. Especially autism. Yet, as I look back over my own life, I cannot help but remember with some embarrassment the many times I demanded to be healed because in my estimation, I had suffered quite long enough. 

It is true that by Jesus' stripes we are healed. It is true He said that believers would lay hands on the sick and the sick would be healed. It is also true that Jesus healed every single person who came to him. The Lord never turned anyone away. 

Despite His demonstration of love towards us (through His healing touch), I'm not sure that entitles me to make demands of the Lord. Sometimes there is more than one lesson involved when we have to wait for something we thought would be instant or was just rightfully ours. Sometimes the lesson is simply learning how to wait on the Lord or to accept His sovereignty in all situations.

I am not trying to say a lack of healing is due to pride. Healing can take place through all sorts of circumstances, but...if you have a hit a wall, and you have gotten to a place where, like me, you might be demanding your healing, or you are angry with church leaders and prayer ministers for not understanding you or your autistic child, try to remember all the stories of those healed in the Bible.

Every single person who came to the Lord for healing, that we know of, approached Him with great humility. Like us, they suffered for years, lived in poverty because of their affliction, and they had no more hope. And also like us, they were condemned and misunderstood by the religious leaders of their day. They could have complained to the Lord about their plight, but they didn't. 

There is so much more to our walk with Jesus than just being healed by Him. In relationship, there is giving on both sides. I encourage everyone to go to Him for healing, and to never give up. He does heal. But He loves a contrite heart, and He is moved by the brokenness and repentance of His people. 

Be blessed today.