Sunday, June 17, 2012

Healing & Faith

Faith. Faith moves mountains. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. So much can be said about the subject, but is faith always necessary for healing to occur? In a word, no. 

Seven years ago, when I was diagnosed (again) with autism, the thought of healing was nowhere on my radar. I imagined living with this for the rest of my life. Case closed. 

But just a few weeks later, I ran a shower. When I was just about to hop in, a voice told me to test the water with my forearm with my palm facing down. The water felt fine. Then the voice said to turn my hand over and put my forearm under the water again. The water scalded me. There was a command to repeat this several times.

Within a few seconds, I understood. For thirty years, every single day, I burned myself when getting in the tub or shower. I also forgot from day to day that this even happened, so I couldn't correct the problem. Yet, on this day, the Holy Spirit taught me that the part of my arm that I used to ALWAYS test water temperature was hypo-sensitive. I couldn't feel the heat, but by now making me aware of this, I finally learned how to avoid burning myself in the future. 

This incident was the beginning of my healing journey--this sudden awareness of stimuli (and a new ability to remember it the next day) that caused pain, extreme discomfort, and suffering. In other words, dots of all kinds--at the age of 34--began to connect in my brain for the first time. 

Did I have any faith for this healing? Not at all. I had never even uttered one word of this in prayer. Just like the occasion when Jesus raised the widow's son from the dead, He simply showed up in my life, touched me, and brought me back from the grave. 

While there were times (many times) in the Bible when a person's faith did save them (the woman with the issue of blood for example), I believe that Jesus also healed in order to give people a greater faith in God (which is what happened to me). His mission here on earth was to show people the Father and His love, and one of the primary ways He did that was through healing. 

God remains faithful even when we are faithless because He cannot be contrary to His own nature. Rather than strive in your own flesh to obtain healing through "your" faith, try surrendering. Raise your hands up to the Lord and say, "I believe! Help my unbelief!" This is a prayer He honors, and it also gives the weary ones rest for their souls. The burden for the Lord to heal is on His shoulders. Not yours. 

Remember this when someone tells you your child is not healed because of a lack of faith. It is a lie. Renounce it immediately. While we should not give up praying (Luke 18:1)...if there's a lapse, it doesn't matter. God does not heal because of our faith. He heals because He loves and because of His love...we have faith.