Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ryan's Healing

Another wonderful testimony of God's ability to heal autism! Be blessed and encouraged by Ryan's story. Remember...never give up (Luke 18:1).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Sign of Healing

Autism affects so many areas of a person's well-being. For me, one of my most problematic symptoms was hypothyroidism (and is a common illness associated with autism). My entire endocrine system was severely imbalanced. As a result, from the age of sixteen, I did not sweat a drop. 

It gets seriously hot in South Carolina from April on, so I hardly went outside. Quickly overheating was always an issue and remained one for more than twenty years. 

But in 2008, I went to a five-day Christian Healing Ministries conference which was about the fundamentals of the healing prayer ministry. On the third morning, I woke up early to exercise in the hotel's gym and after about twenty minutes on the treadmill, the back of my head itched. To my shock and amazement, my hand was soaking wet when I pulled it away. My scalp wasn't dry. It actually itched because I was sweating buckets! 

I ran faster and faster on the treadmill, but despite the speed, my face never turned red. My insides no longer felt like they were going to spontaneously combust. This, I knew, was the first sign of healing in my brain. I could hardly contain my excitement. 

On the day I finally sweat again (glamorous, huh?), I was taking 250 micrograms of Synthroid (300 mcg's is the maximum dosage) for a problem my doctor said was wildly out of her control. The medication never worked. Even so, months later after my healing, the dosage was reduced to 100 mcg's, and now I take none at all. I am totally healed of hypothyroidism (confirmed by my doctor and a blood test last year). 

Just an aside here...I never asked for or received prayer for this healing, but there are times when just being in an environment where the Holy Spirit is present is enough. When He is around miracles happen.