Saturday, December 15, 2012

Connecticut Shooting

One of the greatest joys stemming from my healing is, ironically, the ability to mourn with others over their losses. My heart is broken over the loss of life in Connecticut. 

Today, on Facebook, I shared my feelings about the tragedy in Newtown. God bless the families who have lost so much. Please remember to pray for them, and to continue to intercede for others so they may not have to experience such deep pain.

Here is my post:

I have been reading comments all day about the shooting in CT. Many of them, written by Christians, reiterate a belief that if a person has evil intentions in his heart, there is nothing anyone can do to prevent him from carrying them out.

I disagree. I have a book in my possession called the The Sword of the Spirit. It is a book of prayers written expressly for those who intercede in prayer on behalf of others. This book contains prayers for not just individuals we know, but for government officials, church leaders, and others from all walks of life.

Lately, I've looked at that book and promised myself, "Tomorrow I will pray for the nation. Tomorrow I will pray for our schools. Tomorrow, I will pray for the sick. I've got things to do today." Always tomorrow. Never today.

I can appreciate the arguments Christians make about not wanting to lose their right to own a gun (which is also what I've seen today and prompted the "evil people will carry out evil plans" argument), but for me this is a much smaller issue than the one that is at hand. The truth is, the weapons of our warfare are not of this world. Prayer is the greatest weapon in the Christian's arsenal. But I know from experience, when it is time to pray, I usually find a way to pass the buck, thinking someone else is doing the job, or if not, prayer can just wait.

Last night, I had a dream where two little boys excitedly told me what they wanted for Christmas. When they turned to me, one boy did not have a face. The other boy had weeping wounds coming from his. Their mother walked ahead of them not aware that her sons did not follow. They had been separated by death. When I woke up, my heart was filled with pain for these little ones whose gifts will go unopened and every dream their parents had for them will never be fulfilled.

I am so happy to see the reminders here on Facebook to pray for the victims. But I also need to be reminded that I have the choice to pray for others before they become victims. Not all evil will be prevented through our intercession, but we must remember that every time we pray, we are pushing back the darkness and SOME lives WILL go untouched by tragedy solely because of intercession.

But praying is not our only source of power. When we, even in our own homes are praying alone, the truth is we are NOT alone. We are joining with other saints with a united heart. It's our unity under the banner of Christ that also defeats the enemy.

Guns and gun control are peripheral issues that are reasonable to discuss with each other but not at all an excuse to be divided with other Christians. If you feel that way, the enemy has already won. I think he's won enough battles for now. I do not wish to add to his victories. 

It's Christmas. Peace on earth and good will to men. Let's try to live that out. And Lord forgive me when I do not. Please help me. And please forgive me for putting others last in my carnal desire to be first. Help me to love my neighbor with my prayers and help me to do for my brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers what it is I know I can do. We are all family. I hope we will never forget this.

Blessings and Merry Christmas, 


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