Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is Healing Permanent?

Last week, a very sweet young woman named Carly asked me if a person is healed of Asperger's, could it ever come back? This is a good question and worthy of a thoughtful answer. 

Healing comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes people are healed of cancer, a bruise on their body, a broken bone, a broken spirit, a broken heart, and (but not limited to) an unruly brain that just won't cooperate with us sometimes, whether a person is epileptic or has a diagnosis of autism or Asperger's, just to name a few neurological conditions. 

So sometimes, Carly, although a person may have been set free from an illness like cancer, a tumor can come back again and the second time around it can claim that life originally healed. I have seen that happen which humbled me. It made me completely re-evaluate all of my beliefs about healing, and it made me realize that nothing God does for us can ever be taken for granted. We must give thanks for every day we have breath and learn to live in gratitude regardless of our circumstances. 

However, in terms of the healing of autism and Asperger's, I am more inclined to believe that this is a permanent healing. Why? Because when the healing of these two conditions takes place, the brain literally undergoes thousands upon thousands of both neurological and chemical changes, and this results in changes of our genetic code. New (and healthy) gene sequences are created in the brain and this is sustained every time we make new and positive decisions in our lives, interact in healthy ways with others, and make hopeful plans for the future. When we do these things, believe it or not, our healthy actions result in greater brain mass. Greater brain mass results in improved memory and all around better cognitive functioning. This is called neuroplasticity.

Essentially, I believe that in order to "lose your healing" (this is a serious lack of better words but I can't think of another phrase right now) from Asperger's the brain would have to undo tens of thousands of changes, and I just do not see how that is possible. 

As for anxiety related to autism spectrum disorders, which Carly asked me about, too, anxiety generally is produced in these cases by latent memories of negative experiences and a fear that they will continue to happen in the future. 

As healing happens, and you begin to realize you are having success in your interaction with others, generalized anxiety diminishes. Again, the changes in your brain allow for your brain to produce more neurotransmitters that help you stay calmer and focused, while some of the chemicals associated with anxiety (cortisol) are produced less. It takes time to overcome generalized anxiousness, but it is possible, and prayer, without a doubt, can and usually does speed up the healing process.

But if you want to get a good jump start on lowering anxiety levels, you can do so simply by cutting way back on simple sugars and sugar substitutes in your food.

It is important, however, to realize that fear is an emotion created by God. We don't want to live in a prison where we are afraid of everything, but we don't want to be unaware of when we are in danger, which is exactly what the purpose of healthy fear is. When suddenly afraid, we are alerted to the fact that something is wrong and we need to get out of Dodge!

Can generalized anxiety return? I think it depends on the individual, but mostly, I have seen it try to come back into my own life, but as I grow I have seen God provide for me more and more, and He is also a shelter for me more than ever. When the world still pokes fun at me for some of my differences, I go back and hide myself in Him, and under the shadow of His wings I am comforted. I do not consider myself as one who suffers constantly from anxiety, although there was a time in my life when I did. I know how to find my peace in God now. 

The Lord bless you, Carly, on your journey. Jesus never rejected anyone who came to Him for healing, so I hope you will open your heart to Him and go to Him in prayer. Never give up, and praise Him for every victory He gives you along the way in your life. The peace of the Lord be with you always!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Healing Testimony

I have a Facebook friend who has a son who was healed of autism about three years ago. After about two years of diligent praying for her son, he made the decision (at the age of 15) on his own to ask for healing prayer from the elders of his church. After about a two hour session, he was healed and forever set free. 

He is 18 now and just finished his junior year of high school. In his sophomore year, he remarkably made up eight academic years in just one. He also just got his driver's license, is an extra on a popular AMC television series, and is looking to apply to film school.

The more I read and hear the testimonies of those being healed, I see some commonalities that may be encouraging to you. To begin with, the average age of the children being healed is about 14. Parents usually spend a few years or more in ongoing prayer before the healing takes place. I see in all of these stories it is usually clear that healing has occurred because a great fog of confusion is always lifted off from the child. Then the next two to three years are spent teaching the child basic tasks and skills that he or she could not learn prior to their healing. 

I believe many people fear that if their children are not healed in their early developmental years, then their son or daughter will miss the chance to live a normal life. Clearly, however, this is not the case, and that's what I want you to know today. 

Interestingly, in all the testimonies I've read, I've noticed that the actual time of prayer right at the point of healing was surprisingly not that long. I originally thought that autism had a much stronger hold on people than a few minutes to a few hours of prayer could heal, but so far I've been wrong about that. But it is important to note that many years of prayer, leading up to the healing, seem to be a factor, too. 

There are no formulas, of course. But this story and others tell me the importance of perseverance, which the Lord does honor, so if your son or daughter is older than seven or eight, and you are worried about their window of opportunity closing, don't be. Keep praying and build your faith in Christ. Answered prayer glorifies His Father, and He longs to heal. 

Be blessed today. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Healing Services in Your Area

July 4, 2014 Update: Healing Services are now held the first Tuesday of every month at Galilee Church, 3928 Pacific Ave, Virginia Beach, VA from 7-8:30 p.m. 


Although there are not yet many testimonies of the healing of autism, I believe there could be more if people were able and willing to attend healing prayer services. Therefore I am going to link this post to an Episcopalian priest, Father Nigel Mumford, and his ministry with which I am familiar. He holds healing services in Virginia which may be helpful to you.

I started this blog in response to alarming reports, stories, and even books written about men and women who took their autistic children to shamans and witch doctors for healing. These parents were white collar professionals, not some backwoods hippies with a second grade education, lest you think that only a flake would consider doing such a thing. People from all walks of life are desperate for an answer to autism, and I am now seeing they will do anything to get it.

The interesting thing about their stories is that all of these non-verbal children started speaking the second they received their "treatments" which led me to wonder if autism is not in part a spiritual problem. All of the parents became believers in the supernatural realm at the point their children began to talk but I shudder to think of the issues these kids will have later on as a result of visiting these so-called healers.

Because of those stories and the possibility that autism could be a spiritually based illness in part, I felt like it was time for the world to know of the true Healer who can and does lift the veil of autism. There is no other name but the Name of Jesus Christ who truly heals.

One final note here. I really do not favor one ministry over another, but on the other hand, I only write of ministries with which I've had personal experience. I do not currently endorse ministries based on reputation alone because I simply do not wish to lead anyone astray or to provide false hope. It's always wise to test the spirits and I usually take a few years to do that.

Be blessed on your healing journey. Do not give up. Do not give in. God rewards those who earnestly seek him (Hebrews 11:6).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If You Will...Then I Will (A Principle of Healing)

Some years ago, my left shoulder began to hurt whenever I lifted my arm. In the beginning I thought nothing of it, but after about two years of pain, the strength in my upper arm diminished altogether. No longer able to even lift it for six months, I believed the only route to healing was surgery for a torn rotator cuff. 

Yet one day, while thinking of my shoulder and what to do for it, my mind drifted off to the issue of forgiveness. I knew I had anger in my heart but why, until that moment, I did not know. But one by one, memories of all sorts surfaced in my mind. These were old memories of all the people who had once labeled and excluded me from all aspects of life because of my "disabilities." These were people I had completely forgotten about (like my kindergarten teacher!). But when I remembered and that buried pain was suddenly fresh and raw, I knew the only thing to do was to choose to forgive as an act of my will even though I certainly didn't feel like it. 

So, I did forgive. I called each person by name and said, "I forgive so and so for such and such." (It's very important to name the person along with the offense in order to take it to the Cross). At the time, I was also getting ready for the day during prayer. I was brushing my hair while praying, but after about a minute, I stopped in shock. I realized I had been brushing my hair with my left hand. Not only could I lift my arm, but for the first time in years, I had full range of motion. I was instantly healed, and I have not had a problem in the three years since. 

Whether we are praying for the healing of autism or any physical affliction, the principles of healing remain the same. Forgiveness goes a long way in setting a captive free. And to forgive we must be willing to repent of our desire to hold onto our anger towards other people no matter what the offense. 

I believe that God loves His children unconditionally but clearly throughout both the Old and New Testament, He does give conditions in order for His people to receive His many blessings. In fact, there are so many conditional statements in the Bible, I have long (and lovingly) labeled Jesus as the "If, Then Kind of God." If you look, you might be surprised at how many times those two words appear together in Scripture.

Even if it is your child with autism and you are the one withholding forgiveness, you can pray to forgive, and when you do you can expect some of sort release to manifest within your child. The blessings of God are not just for you, but for your entire family line as well.  Your actions do affect future generations and any act of righteousness can even heal the past as hard as that may be to believe.

Choosing to of the most salient points in Scripture, to me, is a supreme act of obedience. But when we choose to obey on this level, I believe we can expect to see freedom and healing in our own lives and in the lives of those we love beyond what we can currently imagine.  

To God be all the glory for His love, compassion, healing, mercy, and deliverance. Amen. Bless you today on your healing journey.

IF my people will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now my eyes will be OPEN and my ears ATTENTIVE to the prayers offered in this place. 

~2 Chronicles 7:14-15 (emphasis mine) 

Monday, April 22, 2013

The True Self

True Self. False Self. by Patricia Januszkiewicz

When I was growing up, my earthly father knew I had a cognitive disability but he never shared this information with me. Instead, he set out to teach me, day by day, all that he believed I could learn. In short, he spoke to the person deep inside of me, rather than to the person everyone else saw. He spoke only to my true self, and as a result I did learn along with the rest of my peers. 

Our Heavenly Father speaks to us the same way. We may act impatiently. We may hate other people. We may complain all the time. We may do worse. And indeed, the fact that we do these things but the Lord sees beyond it all does not mean we are not accountable for our behavior; however, the point is, Jesus does see past the external. And what He sees, He has the power to call forth. He can even call the dead back to the land of the living.

Every person is different but we are all the same in that we have more hidden in our hearts than mere words can convey. Most of us have not seen a release of our dreams, our thoughts, or our feelings, so often times rather than responding to negative behavior or words, I talk to people as if I do not see those things. And when I do speak to what is beyond, I always see a positive change. 

Call forth the gifts in others. Call forth Christ in others. In the Name of Jesus, call forth all that is good in them. Autism is but a shell. Don't be intimidated by it.  


Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Quiet Season

When I used to imagine myself as a healed person, I saw myself bustling with activity day and night, night and day! Anyone struggling with autism, or watching those who do, knows that there is great difficulty in wanting to leave what I guess I have to call the "cocoon of self." But once there is revelation that life exists beyond our own, we want to go out and live it! 

Though weeks and months now go by where I actually do not think of autism or refer to myself as having it, that extremely busy "normal" life I imagined has not quite materialized. Yet, I am learning this is wonderful and as a result I've discovered an extra facet to healing I never knew existed. 

I am in a season of being alone, yet not with myself as I used to be. I am alone with God. Had I known His presence could heal so powerfully and effectively, I would have sought Him out years before, gladly shutting myself off from the world to open my heart to heaven in order to receive all that the Lord would desire to share with me. Jesus is amazing. Far better than I could ever ask or think!

Bless you today. May you find peace and joy even in the desert.

"Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her. "

Hosea 2:14