Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Healing Testimony

I have a Facebook friend who has a son who was healed of autism about three years ago. After about two years of diligent praying for her son, he made the decision (at the age of 15) on his own to ask for healing prayer from the elders of his church. After about a two hour session, he was healed and forever set free. 

He is 18 now and just finished his junior year of high school. In his sophomore year, he remarkably made up eight academic years in just one. He also just got his driver's license, is an extra on a popular AMC television series, and is looking to apply to film school.

The more I read and hear the testimonies of those being healed, I see some commonalities that may be encouraging to you. To begin with, the average age of the children being healed is about 14. Parents usually spend a few years or more in ongoing prayer before the healing takes place. I see in all of these stories it is usually clear that healing has occurred because a great fog of confusion is always lifted off from the child. Then the next two to three years are spent teaching the child basic tasks and skills that he or she could not learn prior to their healing. 

I believe many people fear that if their children are not healed in their early developmental years, then their son or daughter will miss the chance to live a normal life. Clearly, however, this is not the case, and that's what I want you to know today. 

Interestingly, in all the testimonies I've read, I've noticed that the actual time of prayer right at the point of healing was surprisingly not that long. I originally thought that autism had a much stronger hold on people than a few minutes to a few hours of prayer could heal, but so far I've been wrong about that. But it is important to note that many years of prayer, leading up to the healing, seem to be a factor, too. 

There are no formulas, of course. But this story and others tell me the importance of perseverance, which the Lord does honor, so if your son or daughter is older than seven or eight, and you are worried about their window of opportunity closing, don't be. Keep praying and build your faith in Christ. Answered prayer glorifies His Father, and He longs to heal. 

Be blessed today.