Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why Healing?

There are numerous callings and ways to serve the Body of Christ. Healing is just one of the many gifts God gives to people, yet it is the one I feel the most passionate about for very personal reasons.

When I became a believer in Jesus, I was only 16 years old, yet another twenty years would pass before I would ever know that the Lord actually loved me, and how He showed me was through the healing of my body, emotions, and my spirit.

I grew up with plenty of people in my life saying the words, "I love you." But promises were not kept. Hugs were not given. Birthdays were not celebrated. After awhile, the words became meaningless, so I stopped expecting them to do anything for me. When I became a Christian I responded the same way when people often told me, "Jesus loves you." I didn't care. True as it was, the words never changed the way I felt. And I was miserable. Day in and day out.

But one day I was at a healing prayer conference where I showed up with a wrist brace because I had tendonitis which was so painful that just moving a finger made me cry out--and this had been going on for about six weeks. But I stood in a prayer line with the rest of the attendees, received prayer from the conference speaker, and less than a day later, I was pain and wrist brace free.

Rather than just speaking words, Jesus took action on my behalf to heal my pain and because He did, I finally knew in my heart He loved me.

I didn't receive the Lord's love all at once, and many times since that day, I've continued to struggle with my self-esteem. Now and then I still question the Lord's love for me, but when I look back on all that has changed: a seventy pound weight loss, the healing of hypothyroidism, the healing of a torn rotator cuff (without surgery), the formation of friendships, emotional healing, a release from the most damning symptoms of autism, and other things I have written about, I see so much of what God has DONE on my behalf, I can't help but know that yes, My Father in Heaven does indeed love me.

And that is what I want for so many Christians out there. So many of you are walking around in agony working and volunteering in churches and doing so because you feel like it's the right thing to do! I am saved so I must serve! But you serve with a broken heart and spirit having NO idea that the Lord desires you to be whole and can make you that way. I don't want people just to get saved so they can get into Heaven one day and live in misery until then. Jesus loves you all. And there's no better way to know that than to be touched by Him--to be set free from lifelong pain, whether it is emotional or physical. He died in order to heal. In order to set the captives free. This is His great gift to you. The question is, will you accept it?

Peace be with you. 

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