Friday, July 11, 2014

Autism Healing Testimony

Hope was a little girl with severe Asperger's. This is a video of the testimony of her healing. Chris Gore, Director of Healing Ministries at Bethel Church in Redding, CA tells the story of how a simple prayer time with Hope's mother changed everything.

I have to admit I did not always like to hear stories of other people's healing (it was as if I thought God only had the power to do this once in a while so healing couldn't happen for me if it happened for someone else), but the word "testimony" literally means, "Do it again." After thinking about it, I realized that what God does for someone else, He means to do again. And again. And...again because He can. His arm is not too short to save.

Listen to the story and let it strengthen your heart and your faith. We give You thanks, Lord Jesus, for healing Hope. We praise You for all of the healing you intend to do for those who are seeking You. And even for those who aren't. Blessed be Your Name, Jesus!

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