Thursday, July 10, 2014

Church Access Consultant...

Wow. What a concept! And how fantastic that someone actually stepped up to the plate to meet the needs of the Christian autistic community.  Ann Memmott, who is autistic and works with the Church of England, is making church attendance not only possible but enjoyable for people on the spectrum. 

Here's a little snippet from the website of the posted link above: "Research shows that churches which welcome autistic people find their congregations grow faster than the others around them. Why? Because the things that help autistic people also help nearly everyone else." 

Isn't that interesting? I believe that is something worth thinking about, especially if you are a pastor or another type of leader in your church. 

For the me, the goal is to always promote the healing of autism through prayer that would take place in our churches, but in order for that to happen, autistic people need to be able to come to our churches and to know they are accepted there. 

Ann has found a way to get that ball rolling, and her advice and training tips as well as other resources are listed on the Autism and Christianity site. I hope you will check it out!

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