Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Autism & Generational Healing Prayer

In my family, autistic traits were passed down through my father's mother's side. My grandmother was a loving and intelligent person but struggled to understand humor. She walked with a slight limp although she had nothing physically wrong with her hip joints. I never met her because she died before my birth, but for years I walked the same way! (People with cognitive issues often have a limp in their gait.)

It has been argued that generational healing prayer is not necessary because the sins of the father are no longer visited upon subsequent generations. I admit that in studying those scriptures, questions arise as to what they mean specifically. However, one look at my family line tells me there is no question both my strengths and weaknesses have been inherited, and in my mind it followed that healing prayer would be beneficial if not life changing, so I sought it out and I think it's made all the difference in the world. 

Having done that....seeking prayer...simply by faith, I now see that scientists from Emory University are shedding light on this mystery of how a trait, whether it is an illness or a stronghold or a personal strength (it doesn't have to be all bad!) is "visited" upon future generations. With this information, we should be encouraged all the more to go to God for the healing of our family lines!

It is becoming apparent that the emotional memory of our ancestors is being passed down genetically through DNA. You can read more here to get the full scoop!

If, for any reason (not just for the healing of autism), you would like to attend a free generational healing prayer service, Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, FL holds a Day of Healing Prayer on the first Monday of most months of the year. Please check out their schedule as they do take a month off here and there.

I cannot state enough that God is willing and able to set people free from the confines of autism. Some of you think that the Lord has finally met His match and this is just too hard for Him to heal. If you feel this way, share your heart with Him. He is not afraid or disappointed by your honesty. In fact, He loves it. And He loves you. 

Lord Jesus, I pray You encourage your children by granting them the healing they seek. Please speak to the hearts of those whom you love and have called by name. Release those who are suffering from their chains today. Give people courage to pray. Build their faith. Reveal yourself to those who diligently seek you, Father. Let them hear your voice. Show them the way to walk. Make their crooked paths straight. Restore the voices of those who have been made silent. Open the prison door, and let the captive go free, Jesus! Amen. 

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