Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Pray for Children

It is my belief that anyone who prays for children has wonderful intentions. Sometimes, however, zeal can derail us from what we hope to accomplish. We should always pray for the sick but when praying for a child, we should also always do so with both wisdom and restraint. 

If you have ever received healing prayer, you know it can be a bit intimidating. We have all the heard the stories of people shouting at demons during a "deliverance" session. As hard as that is for an adult to endure (because demons are not deaf and shouting is not necessary), imagine the trauma it can inflict upon a child. 

Judith MacNutt, president of Christian Healing Ministries, advises the following: "Another way to pray for children is to pray for them while they are sleeping. If you don't want them to be aware of the trauma by speaking of it, pray over them as they sleep. Within just a few days, they will often show signs of the prayer working; their behavior will change. If you simply go and pray blessing over a child while they are asleep, it is remarkable how they can change."

Sometimes, too, as unbelievable as it seems, children who are thought to be autistic, simply aren't. I currently know one person who spent a lot of time trying to pray away a "spirit of autism" when in fact their son had a severe case of epilepsy combined with a rare neurological syndrome. Their refusal to see anything beyond a spirit kept their son, for many many years, from receiving the medication he needed to be and remain seizure free. 

Children with or without autism are traumatized enough when they are sick. Let's not add to their burdens by being unwise. 

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