Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Leanne Payne: A Beautiful Life

So, Blogger likes to give me a "Who's Who" list in the blogging world. Normally I ignore such information but today I took a glance at what is supposed to pass for good writing material.

As it turns out, I didn't see anything worth reading. All people post these days are reviews for a new thingymabobber that some company sponsoring the blogger wants the public to buy. So basically the majority of blog posts are just advertisements and nothing more.

How lame. Lame. Lame. Lame.

Maybe I am a throwback to an earlier generation because right now I am reading Heaven's Calling, an autobiography by Leanne Payne, and I think her story is both fascinating and inspiring. She is a woman now in her 80's who--among so many other things--dedicated her to life to praying for the healing of other people. Since her mid-20's she's basically lived life on her knees, metaphorically speaking. 

Why isn't there more about people like this all over the internet? To me, there is no greater thrill or joy than being in the center of God's will, and I love to read about others who strive to be there.

Now...if you write a blog about that...I'll read it!

By the way, this post is not an advertisement for Leanne Payne's book. But if you want some pointers on how to pray for the healing of autism, you'll find more than a few at your disposal throughout her story! 


  1. Leanne Payne once touched me on the chest with her fingertips – when we nearly collided in a corridor on opposite sides of an inter-communicating door simultaneously – the intensity of the energies of that immediate and spontaneous impartation through that merest touch of her fingertips was like a thermo-nuclear detonation – it nearly threw me off my feet – only His Word kept me on my feet in that moment (Job 4:4 (Moffatt Translation) Your Word has kept us on our feet) – but she had just come from her private devotions of practising His Real Presence – her Long Obedience and her act of pressing further into His Real Presence - it was only afterwards that I realised what exactly she had "uploaded" directly into the noetic-communicative faculties of my Human Spirit....and what I would do with it....it was an immense real energetic disruptive pneumatological transference in the Holy Spirit (she said: "I have Another living within me" - I know I came into direct contact with Him)....I met Clay McLean later and I tried to describe it but it caused a language emergency.

    Mark Downham

    1. Thank you, Mark, for sharing your story--reminding me once again that intimacy with God establishes His authority in us which is what you encountered/experienced when touched by LP. Don't worry about the language emergency. You were just trying to explain the awesome nature of God and the Holy Spirit, which as you discovered, is an extremely difficult thing to do! But I understand. There is nothing like His presence. Nothing at all. He is so beautiful!!! Truly there are hardly any words to adequately explain Him. Blessings to you.