Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Right to Be Healed

While on my healing journey, I've been to quite a few conferences that teach about healing prayer. At most of these events prayer is offered, and on more than a few occasions, people with diseases like cancer are asked to stand to receive prayer. 

Basically, if a person has a back problem, neck pain, tumors, heart disease, or a problem getting pregnant, they are routinely called forth and someone will minister to them. But not once in six years have I heard anyone say, "Is there anyone here with autism? If so, please come forward." It's getting to the point where I want to know why this is. Illness discrimination in the healing ministry? Really

That's how I feel about it. It's true people have prayed for me over the years, but I've had to fight for it. Mostly I remind people of how Jesus went out to the tombs to heal the naked man in chains...surely the most difficult person to pray for we know of in Scripture. But Jesus had just as much compassion--and just as much faith--for this man and his healing as He did for everyone else He delivered. 

I am not in a position to speculate on why there has been hesitation among our leaders to include autistic individuals in the roster when they want to pray for the sick. But if it is due to a lack of faith, I hope they will go before the Lord and ask to be given His courage to bring healing to a community in dire need of it. It's the Holy Spirit that heals anyway. Not the person praying. 

The Bible tells us that Lord didn't operate on human need. It's true that Jesus did only what His Father told Him to do and not what others wanted Him to do. On the other hand, He did not leave out entire groups of people when He prayed. He didn't walk around saying, "I'll cleanse a leper, but I'll have nothing to do with the blind." No. The Holy Spirit does not discriminate. 

Think about this today.

Lord Jesus, for all of those who possess gifts of healing, I lift them up to you today. Maybe I am getting ahead of them and of You, but as a person who is sitting by watching the number of autistic people increase year after year, I cannot help but think that something needs to be done. I know You love these people, God! I know you desire freedom for them just as much as you desire it for every other sick person. I know that when people came to You, Jesus, for help that You did not turn them away because their sickness wasn't as fashionable as someone else's. This is wrong! And it is hurtful. And it is sad. We know today that the brain heals just as much as other body parts do. Therefore, the brain is not immune or unresponsive to prayer. Please raise up leaders who understand this and embrace this truth. Add to their faith, Lord. And bless them today. Amen.

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