Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Prayer for Today

Lord Jesus, we know You are the Healer of all mankind. We praise You and thank You for giving up the riches and glory of Your heavenly home in order to come and be with us here on Earth. You suffered with us, and then suffered unimaginably for us. There is no pain we experience that you are not familiar with.

But many people trying to take care of their children who are on the spectrum feel so alone. They have been left by spouses and friends, and it makes it almost impossible to believe that Your eye is still upon them and that they have not been forsaken. But You haven't forsaken them. Nor have You forsaken their children. 

Jesus, let your presence among these people be known and if possible, be felt, too. Reveal Yourself to them, just even for a split second, not for the sake of experience, but for the sake of comfort that You are indeed there. Send your Holy Spirit to provide counsel and wisdom for those who seek after You.

Lord, without hope, we are faint, weak, and sick at heart. Revive the hope of those who put their trust in You long ago but are still waiting for answers and healing. Draw them deeper into Your presence. As they cling to You, the Rock of their salvation, may You reward tangibly all of those who do put their faith in You and seek You with all of their hearts. 

Heal the sick, Jesus. Restore all that the locusts have eaten. You love your children. Again we thank You and praise You for your great love. Thank you, Lord that You are a Redeemer. 


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