Monday, August 11, 2014

Emotional and Physical Needs

One of the biggest challenges in my life right now is to identify both emotional and physical (or material) needs

These areas of my life have been repressed for so long (okay, they've been repressed forever), that sitting down to make a list of these needs is painful. And close to impossible, since my mind just draws a tremendous blank every time I try. 

You would think that this is really just a bunch of useless psychology, but I've learned that the human spirit--the part of us that communes with God and stands in His Presence, cannot be healthy...cannot receive fully from God when we deny the other two thirds of ourselves (mind and body). 

Painful or not, though, I do still try. I bring my paper, pencil, and my heart, and I sit before the Lord working out this very difficult problem. To do so means I am working to trust Jesus with needs I never before thought He cared about. But He does. 

Maybe you have been trying to raise an autistic child on your own, and you haven't thought much about your emotions or your body, or if you have, you believe that thinking of yourself is wrong. It's not true. I've also discovered in this process that sharing my needs with Jesus strengthens me to share the needs of others with Him, too. In other words, I care a great deal more for others when I take the time to care about myself. 

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