Friday, August 8, 2014

Hair Care

It might seem silly to you that I'd write about hair care. But I figured if God is willing to heal me at such a late time in my life, it may happen for someone else, too. If that's so, you have a lot of catching up to do in terms of knowing how to take care of yourself--emotionally, spiritually, AND physically

I haven't had anyone to show me the way out, yet I've really needed the guidance. Even small tips like these have been a big help in how I care for my body, but I've spent years looking for them. So I'm hoping this post and others like it will save you some time so you can concentrate on more meaningful things in life.

So, anyway, my hormones are all over the place which I've discovered affects my hair. Until recently, I've either had locks like straw, or my head has felt like a total grease pit, and sometimes all of this has happened in the same day. Very frustrating! 

But not long ago, I read a tip that says for healthier hair, condition it first, and then shampoo it. Well, I tried that. didn't work. But! I discovered if I shampoo, condition, and then shampoo it one last time, my hair stays clean, shiny, and soft for days!  It's a small victory, but I'm pleased with the results.
Try it and see if it works for you...

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