Monday, August 18, 2014

School Days!

A Facebook friend, Curry, is just about to start his first day of college! He was healed of autism four years ago, and at that time, he was on the same academic level as a second grader. Thank you, Lord, for your marvelous deeds, and for Your great love that even now, you still heal us! 

We praise You for Your loving kindness, Jesus!


  1. Hello from Cincinnati! I wanted to encourage you that I ALWAYS come across your blog and love reading it... As I frequently try to find new Autism Healing Testimonies to speak over my 4 year old. I would love to read your very own story, and the genesis of this blog sometime! Thank you so much for your words!
    Bless your socks off!
    -Hillel's mama

  2. Wow, thank you so much! I have been thinking and praying about writing more of my own story--not so much for me but with the hope that others can be given some hope. You have encouraged me greatly! But yes, please, continue to speak those healing words over your little one! I know, know, know, that God can do so much. Not always on our time table, but when we pray, things do happen. Bless you, so so much!