Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Suicide & Autism

Yes, I am writing this brief post in response to Robin Williams' death. I am deeply saddened by it, but I am also angry, too. Article after article states that this was "so sudden." As if a happy person wakes up one day and decides over a morning cup of coffee to just end it all. 

No. It does not work that way. Depression leading to suicide is never sudden. Ever. In fact, statistically speaking the average length of time a person waits to get treated for depression is twenty years after its onset. How do we not notice another person's suffering for two decades?

An article written for Psychology Today states that a person on the autism spectrum is 28 times more likely to think about suicide. However, what is interesting is that it isn't the autism that generates the thoughts. It is, rather, a response to bullying and social isolation. 

When are we going to start learning how to treat each other? When are we going to notice another person's pain and stop inflicting them with more? 

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