Saturday, December 20, 2014

In Sickness or In Health?

 How would you like to live? Which would you choose?

Our attitude toward sickness – whether to ask God to remove it, or whether to accept it as his will – is a key question. To be sure, if I believe that God has sent me a sickness to test my love, I am not going to pray to be rid of it. Rather, I will embrace my cross and refuse to avail myself of any alleviation. Yet, nowhere in the gospel do we see Christ encouraging the sick to patiently endure their illness. On the contrary, he everywhere treats sickness as a manifestation of the kingdom of Satan which he has come to 
destroy. ~Francis MacNutt, Healing

Just some food for thought today. 


  1. Oh please forgive me dear gal, as I feel I am perpetually commenting, but I currently have this book in my hand! I discovered F McNutt and all my notions and silly assumptions regarding Catholicism were thrown out the proverbial window! I LOVE reading from his perspective and am also finishing The Prayer That Heals.

    have a spiffy day! :)

  2. I have no problems with "repeat commenters." It's conversation. Nothing wrong with that, and thank you for sharing your thoughts! Regarding Francis: He along with his wife, Judith, are absolutely amazing when it comes to reconciling different sorts of people who ordinarily would have nothing to do with one another. I cannot even wrap my mind what God has done and continues to do through them. They are completely down to earth people, though, and I love them both lots.