Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Remedy for Guilt & Shame

I'm thankful for technology that allows me to give a voice to emotions and thoughts that have been a part of me for most of my life. I'm discovering what other people surely know--that allowing sadness and anger to surface--and then allowing those feelings to be released in healthy ways--tremendously improves mood and outlook! 

I am feeling much better than just a few days ago. I am thankful for the prayers that went up because of my last post and also for the thoughts and comments that were shared with me. 

Many times, after an emotional storm, I reflect on the life of Jesus. The truth is, He suffered rejection of every kind. There was no loneliness He did not know. No insult He did not hear. He was not wanted. And by the time He went to the Cross, people ran away from Him, too. He experienced all of these things so by the time you and I also did we would not be alone like He was. Jesus is always with us and knows exactly how we feel. Thank you, Lord. 

So, with Jesus' suffering in mind, I would like to share a concise healing prayer with you that helps me to renew my mind on most days if it gets stuck in the past. It goes like this:

Lord Jesus, I bind my mind to your mind. 
I bind my will to your will. 
I bind my emotions with your emotions.

This is my remedy for any false guilt and shame that tries to hold me hostage to my memories. Many times after praying it, my mind is instantly cleared, and my spirit is uplifted. I hope if you pray this, the same will happen for you! 


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