Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Some of you who visit are beginning to leave friendly and encouraging comments along with some beautiful prayers. I just wanted to say that you are starting to feel like friends and I thank you for that!

Also, a couple of people have asked me to share more of my own personal history. I want you to know I take such requests seriously and am now praying on how and when to best do that. The older I get, the more I realize that timing is such a crucial element in how and when God moves. Maybe it's because this process involves a tremendous amount of faith.

Operating in His perfect timing seems to have a much larger and meaningful impact on those around us, which is what we all really want, isn't it? At least I do, especially when it pertains to the healing of others. 

In the meantime, while I pray and wait, I have added an Instagram widget to this blog's homepage. My intention in doing so was twofold.

A Heron At Last! by Kelly Noll
First, by posting my photographs (you can see the whole stream if you click in the box) you can see my story, until I can write it, as it unfolds. The scenes show you where I've been and in a way, who I am. 

Second, I just wanted to encourage all of you parents out there. You've been told autistic people are not connected to the world, cannot see it for what it is, and have no passion for life around us. Well, maybe you will feel otherwise when you see one of my photos of a sunrise or sunset. Never do I feel so alive or connected to God and others than when I am outside marveling at the beauty and wonder of creation! I think this is evident in my pictures.

We are not blind nor oblivious to the world we live in. And it simply is my heart to just want to share some of the majesty of this beautiful earth with you. We do see. And we are connected.

Blessings. Thank you for caring. 


  1. Hooray! Oh please do find me as well on IG, then you will see lots of pics of my wee nugget whom you bless with your illustrious insights! :-)

    1. Found you. Can't wait to see your little guy.