Friday, April 17, 2015

The Healing Journey Continues

I have experienced some of the biggest changes of my life all in the last two weeks or so. None of them were expected, but I feel like some of my dreams are possibly in the beginning stages of coming true. 

In the late summer, I had returned to South Carolina, my former home state, thinking that I had healed enough emotionally and cognitively to rejoin my peers and try to resume the life I used to live there, but better, of course. 

Yet it did not take me too long to realize that my dream had been an old one, and God had opened my eyes to greater and deeper desires to live for Him with a complete devotion. There is just something about the confines of home that do not allow a person to pursue those dreams to the fullest, and so I began to pray about the possibility of going somewhere else, but where...I knew not. 

But just a couple of weeks ago, an email from a man in Virginia showed up in my inbox. The message was a job offer. I met this individual at a prayer meeting and did not know at the time that he was the president and CEO of a faith-based retirement community.

I had not worked since receiving the ASD diagnosis. I suppose I had gotten to the point where deep down I was not sure if steady employment was even possible for me. Yet this job was an opportunity of a lifetime. My healing journey had stalled out in a huge way, but this was the jump start I needed to resume taking those steps forward into a healthy, whole life. 

My heart and my spirit give thanks and praise to God for these new chances and surroundings (since I clearly had to move here to Virginia, which is beautiful!). My gratitude towards this gentleman, his church, pastor and family is really more than I can express. They have been so loving and welcoming. The same is even true of all the people with whom I work. They are remarkably kind. 

I have a long way to go on this road to recovery. But God has brought me a long way all at the same time. He is good and He is able to do that which He said He would do. 

And that which He started in you, He is also able to complete. Keep pursuing your dreams. Pray for God to restore your hope and to fulfill your longings. He cares about them. And He loves you. 

Blessings and peace.