Sunday, June 14, 2015

Evidence of Healing

I have noticed some changes in my thinking and doing lately. I thought sharing those changes might encourage some of you. Here we go:
  • Ten years ago, my auditory memory was about the same as a four-year-old's (according to cognitive testing results). I could not even recall two consecutive numbers just seconds after they were read to me. This week, I have been able to memorize the first 17 verses of Psalm 103. This is the healing of auditory working memory.  
  • For the last six weeks, I have been able to fall asleep in 15-30 minutes. Until then, it usually took one to two hours--if I fell asleep at all. Many times I didn't. This is healing of circadian rhythms and the timely release of melatonin in the brain. 
  • I am becoming aware of small muscle groups throughout my body--primarily in my face and lips, hands, and in my back. Consequently, my speech is beginning to change as I stop putting a heavy emphasis on f's and s's. Speech volume is beginning to drop as I am now becoming aware of how much pressure I am putting on my throat as words come out. My posture is improving which is alleviating back pain. This is kinesthetic healing...awareness of movement. 
  • I am in the very beginning stages of learning how to plan small events for myself. This is the healing of executive function in the frontal lobes of the brain.        
Now, I want to say this did not happen overnight. I imagine that some of these changes have been a result of my new job, and the challenges it has placed on me stimulated weaker parts of my brain--this stimulation promotes brain healing. But the manifestation of these changes does appear to be noticeable to me at once. Further, the book pictured above has confirmed to me that this healing is really happening and more can be expected. 

As for me, right now,  I am just pleased and a little thrilled to be able to do things that I've attempted many times before but failed. It's a little bit like living in an old world that has suddenly been enhanced somehow. It's the same but clearer than it ever was. I especially love the changes in my sleeping! 

I keep writing about this healing for you! I am going to be 44 soon and am still changing! Do not give up praying for yourself or for your family. No matter how arduous it seems or how impatient you feel. Something always happens when we pray!

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  1. Do they make a Hallmark card for this?! This is INCREDIBLE (I still struggle with volume as an "NT" haha!) Im thrilled for you! That book just arrived at my library as I've had it on hold for quite some time...which makes me want to use even more exclamation points!!!

  2. Thank you! And did you get to read the book yet? I really got a lot out of it. I hope you did, too!