Monday, July 13, 2015

Baby Steps

Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss in What About Bob?

I think even Scripture tells us not to despise small beginnings but because I do not, at the moment, feel particularly motivated to look it up, let's just say that yes, somewhere in the Bible this profound and marvelous truth does indeed appear.

For this reason, I am not despising my recent move which happened a few days ago. Until then I lived in an apartment owned by my employers which they generously provided for me for three months. Now I live 7 miles down the road in an apartment over a three car garage.

Being new to the area and still showing next to no skill in the social networking department, finding an affordable place to live was a huge concern for me. But I prayed and managed to get a feel for what I wanted for this next season in my life. 

Every single prayer regarding my move was answered. I wanted simplicity but independence. I wanted to put more of my healing to the test but not feel overwhelmed. Again, this is exactly what was given to me, and my heart is full of gratitude. My spirit is full of awe. And I am in the beginning phases of understanding what it means to feel humbled by God when the heavens finally open up after they seemed like brass for the past couple of decades. 

God...bless this home and the couple who heard from You to provide me for exactly what I needed. Let your Holy Spirit rule and reign here, and let your love flow from this place. May all who enter here experience Your healing and Your presence. You are truly an amazing Father! 

Thank you, Jesus, for all that You give and all that You gave. 

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