Thursday, July 23, 2015

You Are Not the "A" Word

Word Art Created by A&J Reader, JE. Thank you!
A priest said that to me not too long ago. Taken aback somewhat, I thought, "Well, I haven't really ever seen myself as the 'A' word." Then I realized he didn't mean that "A" word. He meant autistic and added straightforwardly, "That chapter in your life is through. You are healed. You have an entirely new identity in Christ."

As Nigel spoke, I didn't say much. He prays for the healing of others constantly. He has seen miracles and he has heard all the stories of healing miracles--for decades now. He also knows when someone shares a testimony that does not ring true. I had wondered for some time if he thought I fell into that category. Now I know he doesn't. And to hear that declaration spoken over me, "You are healed..." Well, I didn't think it would make all that much difference in how I thought or felt about myself, but it seems to be making all the difference in the world right now. 

I marvel at God's ability to transform. It's such a mystery--just like our physical growth. As children we grew everyday. Yet, we couldn't feel it. We couldn't see it, either. But one day out of the blue when we put on some pants, we found them to be three inches too short. Exposed ankles--and nothing else gave our growth away--nothing we could internally or definitively measure, anyway. 

So it is with healing. We wait, we watch, we pray, and if asked we would probably swear we would be able to recognize the moment that "big" change occurred. If you are one those people, that is wonderful for you, but most of us I would venture to guess would be just as in the dark as a newly lanky child who sprang up overnight after waiting for what seemed like an eternity to grow. I know that's where I am. In the dark. Things have happened. I have grown...but how...I know not. 

But what I do know is this: I am not the "A" word anymore. Praise be to the Lord God Our Healer! Thank You, thank You, Jesus. Your love leaves me speechless.

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