Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Open Door

Photo Credit: Kelly Noll
This week has been kind of a big one. 

First, in record time, I made a second friend (who happens to be the funniest person on earth. We're talking Carol Burnett funny here). Given that it took me all of my life to make the first one, the second coming along less than a month later has left me sitting in quiet awe this past week. 

It was an action of Friend #2 that opened my eyes to one way, if not the way women connect with each other, though. She brought me to her house and gave me a quick tour. Something about her joy in showing me her home made me realize that under the surface she was really saying, "I like you and am choosing to let you into my sacred places." When I saw this, I knew this needed to happen with Friend #1. 

As odd as it sounds being as old as I am (44), I've never invited anyone to come to my home before. In the beginning, after first striking out on my own, this was due more to the fact that I worked about 80 hours a week. I had no time to invite people over. Yet as time passed, my house always felt barren to me. I grew ashamed of opening my door. Then fear took over. Some people are terrified to leave the house, but my problem was the opposite. To let someone in it became equally terrifying. 

Even so, new thoughts and understanding have been permeating my mind this past month. I realized Friend #1 is the safest person I know. She has the biggest gift of encouragement I've ever seen. And she meets people exactly where they are emotionally without trying to knock down their walls with a wrecking ball. She just quietly waits around until a door is opened and then willingly walks through when she is invited to do so.

Seeing all of these things in my friend, I decided it was time to literally open the door and invite her in. Which I did. And she accepted. The visit was short, but in my heart of hearts I know the meaning of this small act on both our parts is somehow huge. I can't explain why. I just know it is.

As Friend #1 says, "It's the little things." 

Yes indeed. Thank you, God, for the beautiful little things. And for giving a heart reasons to beat again. I am grateful. 

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