Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ginger & A Little Discovery

So about eight years ago or more, one of my wisdom teeth decided it wanted to make its debut in the world. In microscopic increments it has been pushing through my gum every few months or so, causing me to easily imagine what it feels like to get punched in the face. Yet another reminder that growth hurts.

My usual remedy for the pain is ibuprofen. Except a few months back, my stomach began to hurt all the time, too. A little research uncovered that ibuprofen can cause stomach ulcers. Well, the pain in my mouth was harder to bear than my stomach woes, so I decided to see if eating a ginger chew (from Trader Joe's--this product is actually made with real ginger) would offset the gastrointestinal issues and allow me to keep treating my jaw ache for awhile with pills. It did. 

This week, the old wisdom tooth went through another growth spurt. I had run out of ginger chews so I hopped over to Trader Joe's to pick up some more. I came home, popped one in my mouth and then decided to give it a few minutes to do its magic but something sidetracked me. So, about twenty minutes later when I got up to take some ibuprofen, I was like, "Hey, wait a minute. My jaw doesn't hurt anymore!" Then a few minutes later, "Hey wait a minute. Maybe now I don't have to take NSAIDs anymore, either!" They are the only "medicine" I take, but I am just not a pill popper. I don't even know the last time I took an antibiotic.

This incident made me wonder if ginger had anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities. Well, I don't know how true the online information is, but the consensus seems to be that yes, ginger does apparently relieve pain and assist with inflammation problems.   

Since people on the autism spectrum often seem to have autoimmune problems, this happy accident seemed too good not to share. My apologies if this is old news to you. But for those of you just stumbling upon better health as I have been doing, at least you have some anecdotal evidence to support what you probably intuitively suspected.

As always, when trying something new (in this case--finding a ginger supplement to aid with pain relief), go for balance. Too much of a good thing never ends up being a good thing. Be well.



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